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Fruitful jobs has stopped any 

recruitment in PAKISTAN - if ANYONE says they can help you a visa for the UK via Fruitful Jobs Ltd they are lying. DO NOT PAY ANYONE ANY FEES FOR WORK!

Fruitful jobs does not recruit in bangladesh, we are not able to help anyone from bangladesh get work in the uk. 


Update: fruitful jobs ltd does not recruit in nepal - anyone claiming they work with us in nepal is doing so without our permission. 

please do not pay any company or individual claiming they can get you a job or visa for the uk via                    fruitful jobs ltd 

We specialise in UK wide roles within the fresh produce sector, viticulture, horticultural and agricultural industries.

We source workers for permanent and seasonal roles across the UK working closely with each client to  understand your businesses needs.

Fruitful Jobs Ltd will never charge a job seeker to find work. The only costs are for your visa (if applicable) and travel to the UK. If you are ever asked to pay anything else please contact us on to report this.

Warning - Junglejobsuk

The GLAA has made Fruitful Jobs aware of an organised group that are actively trying to deceive job seekers, JunglejobsUK claim to work with farms & operators in the UK and we can confirm they do NOT work with Fruitful Jobs Ltd.

Their whatsapp number is +7901 050 32 28 (remember these can be changed easily)

Their email address is (remember these can also change easily)

If someone claims to have a job offer for you, EVEN IF THEY SEND YOU DOCUMENTATION THAT LOOKS LIKE IT IS FROM A FARM - ask them WHICH operator will be your sponsor - if they cannot tell you then they are not legitimate. 

If they give you an operators name - ALWAYS CHECK DIRECTLY WITH THAT OPERATOR!


Good work App

We're partnering with Just Good Work: a free and independent mobile app that equips all UK workers with information and advice to ensure they enjoy safe and legal recruitment and employment in the UK

The app is available in:

English,, Bulgarian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian

See more: 

Seasonal Worker scheme

In connection with many cases of fraud / individuals charging fees for job finding services, we would like to inform you that Osrodek HR (approved Fruitful Jobs recruiter) does not work with or have any authorized representatives in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan. Any person who claims that they are, is acting ILLEGALLY. Please do not pay company or individual fees and contact us directly to report this. 

Fruitful Jobs Ltd  are pleased to announce that  they remain an operator under the Seasonal Worker Scheme for 2023 and that recruitment is underway for the season. 

There have been examples in a number of counties of third parties offering job seekers the chance to work on the scheme and requesting money to register, PLEASE do not pay any fees to anyone - if you are unsure then email us to check them out. We will be adding a section on the SWP scheme page confirming WHO we work with, these will be the ONLY legitimate recruiters for Fruitful Jobs Ltd.