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Seasonal work


Many seasonal roles will be able to offer accommodation if you require it, this varies from employer to employer but at Fruitful Jobs we audit all of our clients accommodation to ensure it meets all legal requirements and reflects current best industry practice, ensuring a safe environment for the workers we supply. 

We will provide workers with details of any available accommodation before you start any role, so you can make an informed decision, this will include any rent charges, style / type of accommodation, facilities etc. Accommodation is entirely optional, but it can make sense to be living on site when you have early starts (which are very common on farms). 

The most common form of accommodation on farms in static mobile homes, these are normally self contained (own kitchen and shower room), the number of occupants will depend on the number of bedrooms, normally the maximum is 6 - but due to Covid-19 many farms are trying to reduce the number of occupants in each unit. 

Other types of accommodation may include hostel style blocks or houses. 

We will ensure you know what is provided and what you need to bring if you choose to live on site (things you may need to bring include a pillow and sleeping bag). 

Currently the maximum rent you can be charged is £69.93 per week (£9.99 per night), this is called the accommodation off set and it changes every April in the UK. Some farms may charge less than this, we will make you aware of any charges before you accept any placement.