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What we offeR

We are a reputable agency that is always looking for reliable candidates with a great work ethic. Fruitful Jobs works with a wide range of clients across the UK for both temporary and permanent positions, we have forged excellent working relationships with them because of the calibre of candidates we supply to them. 

Although we specialise in agricultural, horticultural, viticulture and food processing placements, we can also offer placements in light industry, factory, marquees, administration and hospitality. 

If none of the jobs advertised are suitable then please email us your CV and we will be in touch. 


We place a lot of workers in seasonal assignments that are often of interest to individuals and groups from overseas, please note that we can ONLY assist those that can already legally work in the UK (EU nationals or those with a work visa already). If you are in Bulgaria or Poland you can contact one of the agents below and they can assist you, or if you speak English you can contact us directly on

Poland: Osrodek Pozaszkolnej Nauki Jezykow Obcych, Usl. Lingwistycznych i Wydawniczych. Ul. Dworcowa 81, 85-009 Bydgoszcz. Poland / +48 603100292

Bulgaria: Plovdiv 4002, Gen. Danail Nikolaev str.94. Office

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Fruitful Jobs Membership

We offer a membership for workers who do not normally reside in the UK, this membership offers workers a 6 month travel insurance policy (we require workers from overseas to have a suitable policy in place), a UK SIM card with credit, a Polo Shirt, Bag, High Vis Vest, pre paid barclaycard account, and general assistance and support whilst in the UK. The cost of the membership is £70.50 (inc VAT). You don't have to take it out, but you will need to provide us with proof that you have suitable insurance cover (for those that normally live outside of the UK). 

what to expect

Generally accommodation is made available for the seasonal roles we recruit for, this will often be basic mobile home accommodation, but can vary from site to site. This means you will often have to share a room, and the mobile home may have up to 6 workers living there. Rent is often charged at £37.45 per week, you may have to pay for gas or electric but this will be made clear to you in advance.

 More info on farm accommodation

Rates of pay can vary, the min you will earn is £6.70 per hr (£7.20 for those 25 and over from April 2016), holiday pay is paid when you leave or taken holiday. Wages are often paid weekly in arrears. Targets are often set by clients and this means that sometimes you can earn more than the hourly rate. 

Phone us: 01989 500 130