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Workers hand picked for you

We know that your work force is one of your greatest assets and often your biggest cost, from Marquees and Soft Fruit to Poultry and Packing lines we understand your business and have the flexibility to supply as and when you need workers. 

For us recruitment is not just about finding 'someone' it is about finding the right person, for the right position in the right company. 

Worker health, safety and welfare along with regulation compliance are all top of our agendas, but we also make sure we are available when ever you need us, 24/7, your business doesn't stop at 5 so neither do we. 

Our small team has over 15+ years experience of working within farming management and administration, and 10+ years within recruitment, so we are well placed able to deliver innovative solutions to your staffing needs. 


FLEXIBLE it's a key word in our business, it needs to be when you get a call at 11 pm from a client based 100 miles away needing workers for 8am the next morning, but that is part of the industry and it's what we thrive on.

We can supply workers for direct seasonal employment (anything from 1 to 500+ workers), we can also supply workers for direct permanent roles. If however you like the solution offered by agency workers, we can offer you workers on a fixed rate per hour, and you just get a weekly invoice.

please contact us on or use the link to advertise a role.



We want you to feel like you are safe hands, we are happy to develop / train workers in areas that you need to ensure costs are kept down in your business and efficiencies increase.

That might mean some specific training we get done before a team comes to you, or we may bring a team of workers to your site to have your induction and then you know you have a pool of workers with us that have been through your process, meaning if you need extra workers you will will recognise the teams coming to you. We understand it is all about consistency of supply.

Phone us: 01989 500 130