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Harvest Worker/Tractor Driver

Salary: £8 per hour plus overtimes


BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: The duties of this position are 50% picking salads and vegetables outdoors and 50% in a tractor driving those salads or vegetables back to the barn. We work in teams of pickers, with one supervisor and one Harvest Worker/Tractor Driver assigned to each team.

Six months, Fixed Term contract

The applicant needs to be capable of picking salads and vegetables outdoors in all weathers, they also must be a competent and safe tractor driver with a driving licence.

Normally 8.25 hours per day. Our staff have a paid break of 20 minutes each day, so typically we would start at 6.45am, they take their paid 20 minute’s break at 10.30 am, and then work on to finish at 3pm. Approximately 41.25 hours per week. Five days per week, Friday and Sunday to Wednesday. Saturdays and Thursdays being their days off. There is some need for overtime as the picking and planting work requires.

£8.00 per hour, up to 39 hours per week. Any hours over 39 per week are at overtime rate of £12.00 per hour.


Your own room in a shared mobile home on the Farm, with three other members of staff. £42.00 per week, plus the cost of the shared gas and excess amount of electricity you use. Laundry and drying facilities are provided free, also extra fridge and freezer storage space is provided free.


  • Rachel Hubbard
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