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Packhouse Manager/Supervisor

Salary: To be confirmed

Location: Ross-on-wye

One of our customers is looking for Packhouse Manager for the season May to November.

• People management – as packhouse manager you will be responsible for, 10 scale workers, 3 end of line staff and a QC (quality controller).

 Organising the start/finish/break times

 Planning days off for all staff – taking into account our 1 day off in 7 policy

 Maximising efficiency (scale operators hitting/exceeding targets)

 Reducing downtime (ensuring all machines are ready for the start of packing)

 Training new members of packhouse staff in all procedures

 Understanding the business cost associated with the packhouse from cost of packaging and the impact of waste to the packing cost per punnet against the return price from Tesco

• Technical – as packhouse manager you will be expected to learn how to operate all the mechanical parts of the packing line

 Understanding the key elements of the packing line – scales, heat sealer, labellers, checkweigher

 Learn how to solve issues when mechanical issues arise

 Changing rolls of film, swapping heat sealing tools and calibrating labellers are all tasks that will be learnt and completed on a daily basis

 Liaise with representatives from companies who provide our machines in order to resolve problems and improve productivity

• Ordering – as packhouse manager you will be required to keep stock of all consumables used within the packhouse and when necessary order from the respective companies

 Organise packaging stores keeping a stock of all aspects of packaging inc. film, punnets, labels, ribbon and customer crates etc.

 Understand and adhere to lead time restrictions on some packaging types – 3 weeks minimum for film orders

 Identify packaging types that are used more regularly and have orders reflect this to minimise wastage

• Quality – as packhouse manager you will work alongside the QC (quality controller) to ensure the Packhouse itself and all product that leaves the farm is of Tesco standard

 Understand the Berry Gardens QC manual and all associated quality forms

 Ensure the packhouse as a whole follows the hygiene requirements set out by Tesco

 Communicate with field staff on the quality of fruit being received

 Be aware of the volatility of fruit quality and the reasons behind this – we are not a factory, we are a farm, weather plays a huge part in the fruit that comes through the coldstore doors.

The Packhouse manager is a varied and highly rewarding role, we are looking for an individual who will embrace the responsibility and treats the packhouse as their own. We understand that this role is not something that can be learnt or taught overnight and the successful individual will have the support of management at all times. Although the fruit season runs between May and November, during the winter and spring months we are just as busy closing off from the season just gone and prepping for the one round the corner. As a result of us supplying UK supermarkets we have to undergo a range of audits throughout the year and it’s through the winter/spring that we prepare ourselves for these – as packhouse manager you will play a vital role in all onsite audits. For the right candidate there is the opportunity for you to take part in an assortment of training courses which will develop your skills as an individual.

Experience of working in a packhouse previously or working within the soft fruit industry would be ideal but not necessary - more crucial is enthusiasm to improve, willingness to acquire new skills and desire to progress. The ability to use your own initiative, learn from your mistakes and aim for high standards whilst under pressure are essential.


  • Rachel Hubbard
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