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SWP Scheme

what is the swp scheme?

 The SWP scheme was introduced in 2019 as a test pilot, originally run by two operators, the Home Office decided to extend the scheme into 2021, increasing the number of work permits to 30,000 and increasing the number of scheme Operators to four.

Under the scheme the operators act as sponsors under the immigration framework (tier 5), Fruitful Jobs has access to 6000 visas under the scheme.

The scheme allows for the supply of workers to the edible horticultural sector, which is defined by Defra as:

Protected Vegetables (glasshouse production)

Field Vegetables (outside production including herbs, leafy salads and potatoes)

Soft Fruits (outdoor and covered)

Top Fruits

Vines and Bines (hops and Grapes)


The visa is for a maximum period of 6 months and workers can only be in the UK on the visa once in 12 months - there must be clear break of 6 months between visas.


The activities covered by the Pilot are:

Picker - Manual harvesting of crops (may include rig work / hand tools)

Crop maintenance and husbandry; planting, weeding, de-leafing, pruning, bud rubbing, thinning, tying down and any aspects related to crop health.

Tunnel worker - construction / skinning of crop protection, venting and maintenance, preparing growing areas / tabletop systems / raised beds/ installing and removing growing media / dismantling.

Irrigation worker - installation and maintenance.

Packhouse worker - packing and processing of crops, labelling, sorting, grading and loading.

Tractor driving - seasonal requirements for primary production (mowing/spraying/harvest/carting).

Seasonal Supervisor - leading teams to ensure efficiency, training and motivation.

Accommodation is normally available on the placement, generally this is mobile home accommodation, shared with other workers. rent varies, but as a guideline £58.52 is normal.