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Frequently asked Questions

Q: Do I have to pay to find work in the UK?

A: NO - Fruitful Jobs Ltd will never ask you for any form of payment to find you work, we do not charge you for find you work, nor do we take any sort of commission payment. You will be paid for ALL of the hours that you work in the UK.

Q: Will I work for Fruitful Jobs Ltd or someone else?

A: You may be employed directly by a farm, where they will be responsible for paying your wages etc, this will be made very clear to you when you apply for work. Alternatively you may also work for Fruitful Jobs Ltd where we will pay your wages and issue you with a contract for services. You will be clearly told who the employer will be before you decide on taking up the job.

Q: What documents will I need?

A: You need to prove that you can legally work in the UK, we or the employer will take a copy of this, you need to ensure that you have some form of photo ID with you. You should bring any useful documents like your driving license or specific qualifications such as Fork Lift License as these may be useful. If you have a UK National Insurance number make sure you bring this with you as well.

Q: What kind of work will I be doing?

A: The type of work you do will depend on the job you have applied or and the client you are working for. We work primarily within the Agriculture, Horticulture, Viticulture and fresh produce sectors, so there are a range of different roles and we will work with you find one that suits your skills and requirements. Lots of the placements are physically demanding and often involve working outside.

Q: What kind of hours will I be working?

A: Hours per day can vary, most clients try and work approx. 8 hours per day, often there is weekend work required. You will always receive rests and breaks through the day and during your working week. You will not be asked to work more than 48 hours a week unless you agree in writing that this limit will not apply. Opting of this 48 hour per week is totally your choice, this will be explained to you at your induction.

Q: How do I record my hours?

A: Your placement will have their own processes in place for recording of hours, this will be explained at your induction and you need to follow the procedures shown to you. If you are unsure you need to ask, it is always a good idea to keep a note of your hours so you can compare to your payslips and then you can raise issues if you think something is wrong.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: Unless otherwise stated, you will be paid weekly, 1 week in arrears. Pay days may vary with each client. If working for Fruitful Jobs Ltd you will paid every Friday. You will be paid into your own UK bank account, if you do not have an account Fruitful Jobs Ltd can help you open one.

Q: Do I get a payslip?

A: Yes, you will always receive a payslip. If working for Fruitful Jobs Ltd this is via an online portal which means you can always access all of your historical payslips. You will need a unique email address to access this. Your payslip will detail all the hours you have worked, and the payrate/s. it will also detail any deductions such as Income tax an national insurance.