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The UK viticulture industry is booming, though perhaps historically it has been considered as a poorer product to its European neighbours, the change in climate and the development in production and varieties has seen a constant increase in the number of vines being planted in the UK. 

It's a fun. dynamic sector to work in, often the work periods are relatively short, making it idea for seasonal work. You need to be fit and willing to work outside in all weathers, some of the tasks are done in the winter (pruning) and this can mean working in very cold conditions, even snow. 

Full training will be given and you may find yourself working in some of the most spectacular parts of the UK. 

You may find yourself doing:

  • Harvest
  • Pruning
  • Bud Rubbing
  • Tying Down
  • Planting (by hand)
  • Installation of growing systems