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SWS Scheme transfers

when can I transfer? 

 It is very important to ensure that you fully understand the type of work that is covered by the SWS scheme, because if you arrive at a farm and realise that you do not like working outside or are not capable of picking, it may be that there are very few transfer options available, this is because a lot of the work is very similar.  if you do not like picking strawberries and the only other placements available are on strawberry farms the options we have for you will be limited. So please make sure you completely understand the work covered by the scheme. You will not be able to just go and arrange your own work and transfer as it must meet the scheme guidelines and be with a client of Fruitful Jobs. 

We do understand that things happen and you may wish to move and we will do everything to facilitate this, but please remember the new farm may ask the old farm what type of worker you are, remember employers are not obliged to take you. 

If you would like to transfer then PLEASE do not leave your current farm before something is arranged, although you may want to transfer straight away from where you are, staying on your existing farm will give you security of a place to stay and work so you can keep earning money. Leaving before a transfer is arranged you may find you have no accommodation and your visa means you cannot just pick up ad hoc work. 

WHAT TO do if you want to transfer?

In the first instance, write an email to giving the following details:


Current Farm

Mobile phone number

Brief reasons why you wish to transfer

We will then contact you to start the process and hopefully be able to offer you a transfer that works for you. 

Please remember that for us to be able to transfer you there must be a placement to send you, if at the time you ask for a transfer no farms are requesting workers we will not be able to arrange a transfer until such a time that a farm requests workers.