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Worker Welfare

Fruitful Jobs Ltd is committed to ensuring all of our workers are safe, happy and free from threatening behaviour, exploitation or the threat of forced labour.

Labour exploitation and human trafficking are some of the fastest growing criminal activities across the world, it's a very real issue and one that we take very seriously. You need to know what to look out for, in case you, your friends or colleagues are in danger or a vulnerable situation.

Please use the resources below to check on the key things to look out for.

Key things to look for

  • Paying someone to find you work
  • Someone keeping your ID documents
  • Someone keeping your bank card or not allowing you access to your account
  • Someone holding your wages
  • Someone making you work where you do not want to
  • Someone controlling or restricting your movement
  • Someone making you live in accommodation where to do not want to live
  • Threats or violent actions towards you

What you need to do

If you are experiencing ANYTHING like this, or suspect someone else is, you MUST let us know, so we can help. You can raise the alarm through a number of channels

Call / Email or visit Fruitful Jobs

Call the GLAA on 0800 432 0804

Call the police on 999

You can access documents below for more information from Stronger Together

Worker Poster 

Worker Leaflet